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The Israel – Spain Chamber of Commerce is a Foundation under Israeli Law (it has no profit goals). It was founded in 2003 and renewed in 2020 under the leadership of the President, Mr. Matias Schapiro, seconded by an important Board of Directors and controlled by an Internal Audit Committee. 


Its main goal is to create a business platform and help business people, independent professionals, small-medium businesses (SMBs), firms and companies, research centers and academic institutions, etc. interested in developing their activities between Israeli and Spanish markets.


The CCIE cooperates with its 'sister chamber': the Spain - Israel Chamber of Industry and Commerce located in Madrid with branches in Canarias, Valencia, Galicia, and Murcia; and the Catalonia - Israel Chamber of Commerce. It counts with the help of official offices from both countries and is based on Bi-National Agreements (e.g. Avoidance of Double Taxation between Israel and Spain and Euro Customs Norms).


The CCIE is convinced of the importance and leverage of the commercial and scientific cooperation between Israel and Spain, which could help the involved parts in particular and the people of both countries in general.

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